Life After Death and Other Mysteries of the Unseen World

One of my favorite journalistic topics is researching what science has to say about some of the great mysteries of the universe: life after death, telepathic dreams, premonitions, space/time conundrums. Did you know, for example, that women dream differently than men? Or that our dreams change as we age? Whoa!

Maybe in another lifetime I might have even been a quantum physicist or studied neurobiology.  If only I’d been good at math 🙁

What is this thing called consciousness?

Not even the experts seem to understand it yet, although it does now seem clear, scientifically speaking, that the mind is a functioning thing that can exist separate from the physical brain. Hmm.

I’m working on a fun (and scientific) article about this now, so stay tuned for more soon! Even better, sign up for email updates and follow me here @KristalZook to hear about it first.


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