Why I Heart the Women’s Media Center

Did you know that men receive 67 percent of all byline and other credits in print, online, television, and wire news?  This is just one of many disparities documented in a new report on the media gender gap from the Women’s Media Center, a nonprofit organization founded by Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, and Robin Morgan in 2005.

I first became aware of the wonderful work being done by the WMC ten years ago, when I met the amazing Carol Jenkins, the organization’s founding president and board member. Since then, I’ve admired their mission in person and from afar, used their research in my journalism classes at Hofstra University, become an expert for their excellent resource, SheSource, and written maybe a dozen features for their news site.

In fact, I learned something new just this week, while working on a piece for the WMC. If you’re like me, you’ve probably never heard of Lisa Howard. As it turns out, she was the first woman to host her own television news program: Purex Presents Lisa Howard and the News With the Woman’s Touch, which first appeared on ABC in 1961.

In this, my latest piece for the WMC, I explore her life and important legacy. Check it out. And I hope you’ll find the WMC as useful as I have all these years–both as a journalist who cares about gender equality, and as a journalism educator, hoping to impart these values to the next generation of media firebrands.

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Life After Death and Other Mysteries of the Unseen World

One of my favorite journalistic topics is researching what science has to say about some of the great mysteries of the universe: life after death, telepathic dreams, premonitions, space/time conundrums. Did you know, for example, that women dream differently than men? Or that our dreams change as we age? Whoa!

Maybe in another lifetime I might have even been a quantum physicist or studied neurobiology.  If only I’d been good at math 🙁

What is this thing called consciousness?

Not even the experts seem to understand it yet, although it does now seem clear, scientifically speaking, that the mind is a functioning thing that can exist separate from the physical brain. Hmm.

I’m working on a fun (and scientific) article about this now, so stay tuned for more soon! Even better, sign up for email updates and follow me here @KristalZook to hear about it first.


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Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog.

It’s an exciting summer for me…

Last month, I made a difficult decision and decided to step as director of the M.A. Journalism Program at Hofstra University, a position that I’ve held for the past eight years.

The great news is… that I now have more time to WRITE!

To start, here’s a little something that went up this week on the Washington Post. If you’re interested in questions of racial, biracial, and multiracial identity please feel free to comment, like and share:


While there are certainly more pressing issues in the world today than how one identifies racially, I thought I’d join the conversation this time and add my humble take on it all.

Thanks for stopping by.

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