Do you ever wonder why newspaper editors and cable news producers choose some “experts” over others to write op-ed articles and to appear on their primetime news programs? Is it because they know more than you do, or is it simply that they understand the basic rules of marketing their expertise and writing to the world at large? Many of us have years and years of highly specialized academic training and knowledge that unfortunately, stays trapped inside the ivory tower.

My personalized workshops show faculty members, nonprofit organizations, and other experts the secrets to transforming your research and academic writings into widely-read essays and op-eds for mainstream audiences. Take the expert scientist who has written about lead poisoning for years. What did she/he have to say when news broke about the death of Freddie Gray in police custody, and information later trickled out about the home he grew up in that was filled with toxic lead paint?

As your workshop facilitator I offer five fundamental tips for getting your voice heard, and getting editors and producers to think of you first when looking for an expert commentator.

Who my workshops are for:

– Faculty members who’ve written brilliant articles for academic journals and now want to get the word out about their research to a mainstream market and general interest reader.
– Nonprofit directors and staff members who specialize in an area of public interest and want to have a more prominent voice, both in their communities and on a national scale.
– Corporate executives who work in a highly specialized discipline and want help translating their message for the public, without jargon.
– ANYONE who wants to write more clearly, with more power, and to reach a wider audience

What you get:

– Individualized, tailored guidance on how to conceive and write your essay or op-ed to mainstream media outlets
– Extensive editorial feedback and help with revising
– Specific tools to help you pitch and market your voice more effectively
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“I love to see great teaching, and Dr. Zook has the expertise and enthusiasm of a great teacher….not only did I benefit, but my students did as well.”
–Cindy Butos, Senior Lecturer, Trinity College, Hartford, CT